Sunday, November 29, 2009

Paradise Island

Paradise Island
By Marja Blom

Pssst I played the most amazing game
Come a bit closer and I explain
I went to an Island on a ship
where kids can all day skate and skip

On the island I found a Teepee
and danced with Indians around a tree
To their chief I said Tag you're it
He chased me with a spear but didn't hit

I also met Alice from wonderland
I went to a tea party with her as a friend
We played with walking cards and Alice was better
 she even was better than the mad hatter

Than some pirates  threw me in the sea
after captain Hook played dice with me
I got saved from the sharks by Peter Pan
That was a great adventure, oh man

With tiny Tinklebell I flew a kite
Till Peter Pan brought me home that night
I told mum about all the games I played
She said; "Dreaming you do in bed. Off you go. It's late"


  1. Delightful for the children. I love their imagination.

  2. What adventures there are in dreams, day or night.
    This is really quite an engaging piece.

    PS Thanks for visiting, I could have coped with the fish!

  3. the bouncy feel to your poem. It made me smile......

  4. This poem is very engaging Marja. It trips the light fantastic. May we all have such wonderful dreams.
    Peggy xxxx

  5. Wonderful poetry! Found your blog through google images. Come see my alice in wonderland art if you have time.

    I'll be back to read more lively poetry!