Sunday, November 22, 2009

The dancing frog

The dancing Frog
By Marja Blom

One, two three O'clock four O'clock rock
In Billie's garden lives a dancing frog
on rock 'n roll he is particularly fond
when Billie plays the guitar he jumps out of the pond

He plays "rock around the clock tonight"
Frog moves his hips to the left and to the right
The frog makes a nice big turn around
Then he hops in the air and down to the ground

The lady frogs think he is cool and fun
One day he decided to marry one
They had a big party and frog stole the show
He danced like Elvis Presley and he made a little bow

After the marriage his lady said "You hear,
No more dancing is that clear."
From now on you bring some flies on the table
and  jump  like a frog if you are able

But when Billie wakes up one day at night
He looks out of the window and sees to his delight
on a lily pad a fat frog shakes and twists
He went out with his guitar; frog can I assist?

1 comment:

  1. Hello Marja
    I am enjoying reading your poems.
    This one is delightful.