Thursday, November 12, 2009

The lost doll

photo Kim Anderson

The lost doll
by Marja Blom

“Mum we must go back, please” I pulled on mums skirt but she just kept going. She must understand that it means so much to me I thought.
“It is getting dark, we will check it out tomorrow” mum said and then she send me to bed. I tossed and turned. Maybe it is going to rain and then she gets all wet and they might take her and I never see her again.
In the morning I was dressed and ready in 5 minutes. A record I think but mum was a bit slow. “Come on mum no time to lose” When we arrived at school, I ran to the big tree. I looked and looked. No doll. I felt my muscles tightening, my heart bouncing. What do I do? My mum approached. “She is gone” I mumbled
“We ask the teacher” mum said with a caring and loving voice. She took my hand and I just followed ,not able to think anymore.

“Mrs Jens, lizzy lost her doll yesterday” It was sitting behind the big tree and she forgot to take it home. It is not there anymore. The doll means a lot to her. She got it from her father who lives in Spain for his job”
“Why did you place it behind the tree?”
“Because her arm was loose and her clothes were ripped, some children kept teasing me about it, so I let Doll wait for me.” I felt two big tears wandering down my cheeks.
“That is not very nice” said Mrs Jenny, “we see what we can do”
That afternoon Mrs Jenny and me were making a poster together” I drew my doll on a big piece of paper and Mrs Jenny wrote together with me “Lost: doll with blond curly hair and a red dress. The doll’s left arm is loose. Please contact Mrs Jenny phone 244567”.
she copied it and then we hang the posters on the wall and outside.

For days I didn’t hear anything. I didn’t feel like talking much. I felt I lost the only piece of dad I had.
He had brought it from Spain. He had tugged it in his jacket and she just smelled like him
“Lizzie” Suddenly I heard my name and I staggered towards Mrs Jenny. “Lizzie I’ve got good news” A lady opposite the school has found your doll’ She is out of town for a few days but she will bring your doll in next Monday”
I jumped and screamed “Yeeh, Oops sorry Mrs. Jenny”
“That’s all right” she laughed
I kept myself busy till it was Monday. I told everyone, even if they weren’t interested, that my doll was found. The girls who had teased me said “You wouldn’t want to find a doll back like that” I was too happy to get angry

On Monday at 5 past 10 a lady came in. She looked very dressed up and posh. We all sat in a circle and I had to step forwards. The lady handed over my doll. The arm was fixed and doll had new clothes on. I stared at it for a minute. She looked so good. I whispered thanks to the lady and smiled at her.
“That doll is so pretty she deserves an award” Mrs. Jenny handed out an award. We’ve got something else for you.
Over the heads of the nasty girls, whose mouth hang wide open I saw the door opening and I couldn’t believe my eyes. “Dad, dad” I screamed as I ran up to him. I jumped in his arms and he lifted me up.
“Oh my little one, I am never going to leave you anymore”.
I looked surprised and then looked at the teacher. “Mrs Jenny explained to the class “This lady here found Lizzy’s doll and called me. I told her that Lizzie got the doll from her dad who lives in Spain and that she was so sad” The lady called Lizzy’s mum to get the number from her dad because she wanted to make some new Spanish clothes for lizzie’s doll and asked if he could sent her some pictures” The lady continued “Yes Lizzie’s father got in touch with me and got my son on the phone who is a business man. They had a long chat and my son offered him a job”
I jumped up the lady and hugged her. “Oh you have to thank my son, dear” My eyes were wet and I only could see clouds. My mum suddenly stood next to me. “We will have a party tomorrow and take care of your doll Lizzy. She brings luck”

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  1. Sweet story, Marja. You have a really nice blog here. I think kids will like it very much.