Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Fairy dreams

Fairy Dreams
By Marja Blom

Shhht listen do you hear the rustle?
Do you notice the huzzle and buzzle,
in the garden when it is spring,
from bugs butterflies and birds that sing

But you are very lucky indeed
It you hear the pitter patter of little feet
or the chitter chatter from under a leaf
It's the sound of fairies you must believe

I found a book fairy under a palm
His name was Page He was very calm
Collecting words is for Page a must
He sprinkles them with fairy dust

Page gives all words a fairy sound
like "flutter flap flopsy fly around"
That means "a ball for butterflies"
and "trippety tea" is a party for mice

A party where mice keep there pinky up
when drinking tea from a flower cup
 and "bug buddy buzzy bee"
is a race club for bees and it is free

Page goes there and on the back of a bee
he buzzez around your bed you see
He whispers words in your ear on his flight
Giving you beautiful dreams at night