Monday, November 23, 2009

My dolls

My dolls
By Marja Blom

What a mess these toys she dares to say
she, who has never time to play
I'll tell you this you Miss O midy
You are the one who makes this place look untidy

What a snobbery, a snobbery
to want to do away
with these dolls of me
I confine in them, I dine with them

I drink a cup of tea with them
They play with me, they pray with me
They are patient when I talk oui oui
I am their mother, teacher friend

They've got all that time with me to spent
avec moi, with me, with me
They cuddle hug and snuggle me
At night when I'm alone in my bed

They look so pretty and cute to me
They are my dearest company
my dolls my friends to be


  1. You've been really busy over here. It looks great! Your poems are lots of fun.

  2. Marja we often forget what precious companions dolls can be for children. We have to remember to see past the mess. Another excellent poem! :)

  3. I love this. The photo reminds me of some antique dolls I acquired after my mom died three years ago now that belonged to my grandma.
    They have great memories. This is Renee again at
    I can never figure out how to enter my line here to post my comment. I am so new to the
    Blog arena. I love your writing.