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Story for children "The Fairies and the Grumble"

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The Fairies and the Grumble

Clancy hung over the little fence made of bark.  He looked inside the round window of the wooden cottage. It was built against a tree with a roof made from leaves. The leaves were covered with beautiful, coloured flower petals. The sidewalls were overgrown with light green moss. It his friend Page’s house.

“Page” yelled Clancy” Are you there?” Page appeared in the doorway with a book in his hand. “Are you going to the fairy ball tonight, Page?” asked Clancy
“Maybe Clancy, you?”
“I hoped you would go with me. Loulette is coming. The others don’t talk much to me. I am too clumsy”. Clancy frowned and looked at his pointy shoes.

“Mm,” said Page “Why not. I will take my book, just in case I get a chance to read it. Come on let’s go.” Page packed the book in his backpack and opened the gate.

They followed the track between the 7 oaks. Page and Clancy carried little lanterns made from the petals of snowdrops attached to twigs. Inside the bulbs, danced some fireflies. They gave enough light so the fairies could see the pathway.

Suddenly Clancy whispered “shh, I hear something”. “Is it a dog”

“Worse, it’s a Grumble,” said Page “They are dwarf like creatures with long noses and long hair. Very grumpy. I have heard some fairies have disappeared after meeting them.”

“What should we do, Page?”.
"Let's climb on a branch to lookout for him." said Page. They both climbed up but didn't see the Grumble.

“Ah we are close to the 6th oak. There is a secret path in the undergrowth of bushes. Come on.” Said Page, He jumped down and started to walk. He heard Clancy scream. Page looked behind him and saw Clancy hanging upside down, as if being held by a fishing rod.

“My shirt got hooked on a twig. Help me.” Clancy said.

Page run back and helped Clancy as the rumbling sound came closer. They had to hurry. Page started running while Clancy followed him. At the 6th oak Page pushed some branches aside and suddenly a path appeared. An arch of bush covered the secret path. Page looked behind him. Clancy had fallen and the Grumble was near.

“Use your fairy dust” Page called.

Clancy looked a bit guilty. He had wasted all his fairy dust. The fairies were only allowed to use it in times of need as there was not enough around anymore. Page sprinkled some fairy dust behind his ear and whispered, “Lightning and thunder, fairy dust, do your wonder.” He spread his wings and flew up.

The Grumble had come up to Clancy and roared “rubbish, rubbish, I hate rubbish”. He scowled at Clancy. “You make this place look untidy” He swooped him up in his big paws. e Clancy’s little legs kicked.

Page tried to sprinkle some dust on Clancy but failed. He whispered, “I will be back. Stay strong!” Page flew quickly to the beehive behind the 7th oak and called to the bees. “I need your help,” Page pleaded, “we have to save Clancy”.

The bees flew in formation behind Page, but the Grumble and Clancy had gone.

“Oh, how do we find them, I shouldn’t have left him alone.” A tear trickled down Page’s face.

Page sat down with the queen bee and discussed what they would do.

The queen bee said, “What about I send a group of bees in each direction.”

“Great idea” said Page.

 Off they went. After half an hour they all came back. They had flown to the edges of the forest and seen nothing.

“Let us have a rest and then fly out again” said the queen bee.

Page walked up and down the path to help him think.

Suddenly he saw that the secret bush path was closed. He was sure he had opened it. Then he saw Clancy’s scarf. The maze in there is complicated and only fairies know their way around. They might still be in there, he thought. He hurried to tell the bees and explained where the exits were. They quickly flew out. At the Northern entrance, Page led the way in.  

Suddenly he heard the Grumble. “Ok bees, you attack the Grumble and I’ll get Clancy,” he said. Slowly they flew up to them. The bees started to sting the Grumble. Page put some fairy dust behind Clancy’s ears and whispered,” Lightning and thunder, fairy dust, do your wonder” and they all flew off.

Page and Clancy said thank you to the bees and walked home as the fairy dust had worn off.

“What was the Grumble doing when we came to save you?”

“Well, the Grumble was going on about rubbish, so I said to him; I am with you. We hate rubbish as well and are here to protect the forest. You need me. I can help you tidy up some rubbish in the secret pathway.” The Grumble agreed, although he said I would go in the rubbish bag when finished”.

“Mm, clever, very clever,” said Page “and did you find a lot?”

We filled a bag with plastic, elastic, a fairy skateboard, a sword, a mouse tail, mail an more.

“Good job.” Page said.

“Just a shame we missed the party.” Clancy said.

“Yes, a shame. But the bees gave me a walnut full of honey so let’s have our own party.” Page said.

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