Sunday, April 11, 2010

Spots and dots

 Spots and dots
By Marja Blom

Chuck an old bug went for a walk and got stuck
Luckily he got help from a cute little bug
He asked little bug what he was doing here alone
"Oh" sighted little bug "I am always on my own"
The others don't like me because I haven't any spots
and you are only cool when you have lots of dots

Come with me little bug, where I live, dotless is the trend
Little bug looked surprised and became confident
He chatted and joked when they went on their way
A young bug heard his laughter and asked him to play
The two had great fun and became friends straight away
Little bug asked old chuck if his new friend could stay

"No he can't, at my place your friends spots will cause fear"
Does it so" mumbled little bug "than I will stay here"
"I like my new friend, about spots I don't care
I even wouldn't care if he had purple hair."
"That's fine" said Chuck and they went separate ways
Old Chuck the bug had a smile on his face.


  1. Hi marja,

    AHA! Thats a nice one, unconditional friendship eh?? :)

  2. i like how the leaf makes a
    visiting spot in the photo =)

  3. Enjoyed reading a beautiful poem by a beautiful lady. :)
    The header pic is so cute. :)


    June awards 4 u,

  5. BEAUTIFUL blog Marja! My first time here! I just noticed the link from your other blog! WONDERFUL idea!